10 Amazing Things To Do In Nepal

Planning a trip to Nepal? Nepal is a vast country and there is a lot to do during your time here. In this post we will talk about some of our favourite things that we got up to whilst we visited this beautiful country.
This post contains:
– Things To Do In Kathmandu
– Things To Do In Pokhara
– Things To Do In Chitwan
Read on to find out what to do with your time in Nepal.

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5 Self Care Tips For When You Are Travelling

Being able to travel the world is one luxury not everybody can afford. You’ll read thousands of blogs that are embellished with pictures of beautiful white sand beaches and endless posts about the best places to eat whilst you are on the road, but there’s one thing those blogs didn’t tell you…
Travelling is tiring too!
Read on to find out what we do to look after ourselves & recoup whilst on the road.
If you are reading this at work, you too can impliment these tips into your life. Take a step back and recover from the 9-5 grind!

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City Guide: Negombo, Sri Lanka

Planning a trip to Sri Lanka? Negombo is a great place to start your adventure!

Read on to find out all about our time in Negombo & what we got up to.

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Travel Planning: 3 Basic Steps

When you have taken that leap into the unknown and decided you want to travel the world, there are lots of exciting questions you need to ask yourself. We had to consider these questions during the research and planning for our travels, from there we could understand what we wanted from our trip.
Read on to find out the questions you need need to ask yourself.
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Top 7 Places To Eat In Nepal

If you are reading this you are probably a lover of food like us. Everywhere we visit we enjoy checking out different restaurants and cuisines.
It’s Wednesday, read on for some foodie motivation to get you through to the weekend.

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Travel Packing: What You NEED To Take – (Including Downloadable Check List)

Going on a long term trip? or just a 2 week holiday? Well either way we have put together a list of the things you MUST take with you and additional items you may choose to bring along.
DISCLAIMER – This information is our advice 3 months into our trip. A more in-depth review will be published once we are further into our trip and we shall have a look to see if the list can become even more refined!
Read on to find out what we think are the vital items for any trip.

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Film & TV: Our 2019 Netflix Favourites

The thing the travel bloggers never tell you about your time on the road is that as much as there will be adventure there will also be tiredness & times when you just want to relax. So watching Netflix has been a crutch to us.
Read on to find out our favourite Netflix Film & TV Of 2019!

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